THE 60S TO 70


Women’s wear… Sleeveless dresses, pastel colors, pillbox hats and accessories that became so important for the ultra thin collections so effectively worn by Twiggy, Veruschka and Shrimpton. White was the dominant color.  And a new character appeared on the threshold of the fashion world.  Photographers gained fame as they immortalized the outfits worn by the nymphs and their designers - phenomena which should not be underestimated.

Men’s wear… jeans, already essential for the young, were gaining converts among older generations. Kids began to criticize their father’s wardrobe: "not another wool suit" or "another flannel jacket?". Not everyone, however, looked his best due to physique or age. People were still a bit too sophisticated in their taste.  Shirt/jackets appeared but it was still too early for the black leather blouson. The non-jacket made its entrance into the wardrobe.