THE 70S TO 80


Women’s wear... Shirtwaists, padded knitwear worn over brightly colored blouses. Jeans were happily worn. The cocktail dress replaced formal evening gowns – demanding but not nearly as much as its predecessor. New highly adaptable fibers and yarns, which created interesting effects , were utilized with these sober but young at heart collections. Seemingly contradictory, extremely high fashion survived and the formal evening gown was in big demand.

Men’s wear... exasperation and bad taste.  An ugly moment for fashion, at least as far as menswear was concerned.  Jackets with exaggeratedly wide lapels, extremely wide shoulders with waists so narrow that one had to hold one’s breath were worn over bell-bottom trousers and tight, button-popping shirts. Geometric patterns for fabrics and knitwear were made in complicated cotton designs.  But experimentation continued and while working on constructing a jacket, we ended up creating the deconstructed jacket “désossé” – no padding, no camelhair and no internal structure.  And that wasn’t enough,  we then created another jacket (lighter than a shirt and waterproof) in the silent revolution.