Bruno Piattelli and publishing.

Many years ago, with a journalist friend who conducted a radio program, we organized a little program based on asking simple riddles that focused on Italian subjects (opera, popular music, historic figures or even better, anecdotes recounted by famous people etc).  The program was made for the Italians abroad. The prize for the correct answer was a product from my atelier.

There were dozens of correct answers.
But that is not what was important.  What counted was the strong sentiments, attachment and memories that their native land evoked. 
A survey could not have given more tangible and – without being rhetorical – or as moving results.  I never forgot the experience. 
With techie friends of mine, we have created an agency for information and for publishing.

Now it is possible to reach our countrymen abroad using the latest technology with the most up-to-date current news, stories, the reality of national life in Italy and inform them of publications which speak about our work.  We began with enology (wines), a subject of primary importance in our country, by editing “La Guida dei migliori vini d’Italia” (Guide to the Best Wines of Italy). Prosit.