A philosophy of life inspired by a perennial reflection on the importance of sound and the types of sound  (calm, excited, suggestive, dreamlike, overheated or even quiescent) which influence what each one of us thinks and does. Volumes could be filled with stories about reactions to creative output. Piattelli reminisces that when the Fondazione Roma asked him to found a symphonic orchestra, he thought it was a dream come true.  Piattelli proposed the name of Maestro Francesco

La Vecchia, a great director and good organizer, to the Foundation’s President Prof. Avv. Emmanuele F. M.  Piattelli continued to work for  the Orchestra Sinfonica di Roma. 
He won the battle to get the well-known concert auditorium on the Via della Conciliazione open again for Rome’s music lovers. But he didn’t stop there.  He was able to get the famous Basilica of Massenzio to open again to the public with concerts by young musicians, winners of an international competition.

He now travels with the Orchestra Sinfonica di Rome to Berlin with a Petrassi piece, to Rio with Beethoven, to New York with Mozart, to Madrid with Bruckner, to Pechino with Ravel, or Salzburg with Respighi, to London with  Prokofieff, Vienna with Verdi and Saint Petersburg with Marhler. And so the Orchestra has grown as it travels the world representing art in the name of Rome and Italy, always acclaimed by the public no matter where it goes.

PICTURE ABOVE: ELDJEM Orchestra Sinfonica di Roma