Piattelli was asked, in 1960, to create an outfit that would give a new image to the male Alitalia ground personnel in contact with the public.  The image behind his idea was of a distinguished host  who wants to make his guests feel that they are with someone kind and useful – eliminating the militaristic,  and until then, typical overly dignified and intimidating type of uniform. In order to convince himself that he had the right idea, he made a trip around the world to learn about different countries and meet their people.

Happily, he discovered that his intuition was right. People share the exact same fundamental principles on every continent. He wanted to combine the needs of work and functionality while at the same time creating a look not  by resorting to short-lived sartorial special effects but based on the reaffirmation of classic elegance which does not fade away with time. 
By following his instincts, the right effect was the result. 
Piattelli made one exception in 1990.

On the occasion of the World Soccer Championship in Rome, he designed a blazer in navy blue fabric under which one could discreetly discern the Italian “tricolore” (the three colors in the Italian flag). 
Perhaps not the typical classical look but certainly in line with his fundamental concepts. Today, one can still admire the elegance and simplicity of a unique and unmistakable style which remains the same.