To envision the right image (look) is like making a place in history.

To envision the determining element in a club’s image one must know its history, it there is one, and the spirit of the role in society that it pursues, thus allowing it to involve all of its members in an ostentatious “fanaticism”.
Finding the right balance is the secret to the operation, according to Bruno Piattelli.  He insists that it is essential to define the characteristics of the sports clubs various activities. To achieve the right balance, it is absolutely necessary to combine the aesthetics of the image with the needs of the practical.

An  extremely traditional “Circolo Canottieri”, in this particular case the Circolo Canottieri Aniene di Rome, sparks a creative vein that transcends the logo and the traditional colors to create a appropriate and attractive model, no matter whether for ceremonial occasions or for on the playing field.  Bruno Piattelli’s solution was a model that was at the same time formal but practical. Colors, which are generally those of the logo, along with the fabric and cut, create the look of an outfit created for a person with a specific task at hand.

His garments for clubs and soccer associations are elegant yet practical and provide the best solution for both aesthetic needs and innovation  Piattelli met Vittorio Merloni, the former president of Confindustria, when Merloni had a problem to solve – the uniforms for the crew of Futura, the boat sponsored for the America’s  Cup.  Merloni commissioned Piattelli  to create the uniforms for the Futura athletes when they embarked on the prestigious sailing adventure.