In 1968, and later in 1996, C.O.N.I. commissioned Piattelli to design the athlete’s official uniform.  1968 was the first time ever that the world of sport, in this case the Italian national team, had turned to a designer for its uniforms.  Azure (one of Italy’s national colors) was a given.  His very long cardigan, made of fabric, with a wide white trim worn over a white shirt and trousers or skirts created a young, uninhibited look compared to the traditional jacket.

In Mexico City, the break had been made and people would no longer forget aesthetics in the sports world. He was again engaged to design the uniforms in 1996 for the Olympics in Atlantic City.  A tiny bodice worn over a white skirt and an azure polo with a metal belt bearing the letters ITALIA for the female athletes.  The males had white shirts and trousers and a tie with an all-over design of the Italian flag.  Everyone, men and women, was also given a very ample scarf decorated with the Italian flag. 

The entrance of the Italian team in random order, and not in a regimented manner like the other teams, all swirling their scarves in the air shouting out “Italia Italia” was a sight to be seen.

PICTURE ABOVE: Atlanta foulard 1996 

PHOTO: Messico 1968 - Atalanta 1996